The GenCare difference in independent and assisted living


The GenCare Difference

With 78 million boomers coming on the scene, now is the time to begin sharing your dreams and wishes with loved ones. Take the steps to begin investigating the vast choices you have for senior living today, and you will be pleasantly surprised how GenCare Lifestyle would be a wonderful partner that will help you live with VITALITY.

GenCare is providing some of the most revolutionary offerings in senior care today, leading the way with its proprietary health and wellness program called Whole Life LivingTN.

Whole Life LivingTN

Through the vision of Whole Life Living, GenCare is reinventing how senior living communities are operated; providing the foundation necessary to manage wellness, not illness, in older adults. By taking a "whole life" approach to aging, residents can influence their health, strength, stamina, and their longevity.

The Whole Life Living model is based on four fundamental programs: Whole Life DiningTN; Vitality; Stay Sharp CentersTN; and Living Life with Purpose. Research has consistently proven that all four of these components will deliver a better quality of life, regardless of age.

Whole Life DiningTN

Delicious, healthy food is the foundation of wellness. After consultation with Bastyr University, a renowned natural health sciences university, GenCare improved its culinary services to include fresh, locally grown, in-season foods and healthier preparation methods. The goal is to provide wholesome foods that are not laden with calories, preservatives and carbohydrates. What goes into the body influences how one feels. Good food can help reduce blood pressure, reduce evidence of cancer, increase energy, improve overall health and increase blood flow to the brain.

Notably, GenCare is the only company in the country offering a whole organic culinary program for its residents. Whole Life DiningTN earned GenCare the 2008 ICAA Innovators Award, presented by the International Council for Active Aging, to honor excellence and creativity in health and wellness, and recognize organizations that have created cutting edge offerings for active aging.

Vitality Programs

Regular exercise is difficult at any age. Yet, regular physical activity helps maintain emotional and mental well-being, as well as good health. GenCare has partnered with leading fitness innovator, Technogym, to equip its Vitality Centers with fitness equipment specially designed for the senior body. Classes and programs focus on flexibility, balance and strength. These Vitality programs are all inclusive when living at a GenCare community. Seniors can attend classes led by certified senior fitness instructors, or receive one-on-one personal training sessions. Most importantly, residents' fitness levels are measured and tracked over time, enabling them to see their hard earned success.