Senior living testimonials and reviews


GenCare Testimonials

We take much pride in keeping our residents and their families happy with our services. Below are some valued testimonials from people who love GenCare Lifestyle as much as we love them.

GenCare Renton at The Lodge

" impressed with all the wonderful people who work here..."
"My name is Donna and I have been staying with my dad, Tom, for over 2 weeks while my mom is recovering from a broken hip.  I just wanted to say that I have been so impressed by all the wonderful people who work here and have been taking such great care of my dad.  Everyone of them from the people who come in and take his meal orders, give him a shower, housekeepers and people who answer his buzzer, have taken such good care of him and have been so nice to him. No one acts like this is just a job, everyone seems like they love what they do here and that has really come across loud and clear. I know it must be hard being as old as my mom and dad, and for us seeing them change so much, but it is sure a lot easier to take when we see that they are in such a nice place, and being so well taken care of. I just wanted to thank everyone here because we really appreciate everything everyone has done."


GenCare SunCity at The Carillons

"The exercise program is wonderful, it has made me feel like I have more energy."
"I like the fact that nutrition is important. I like the fact that the food is not fried and well-balanced. The exercise program is wonderful, it has made me feel like I have more energy . I also find that there is a lot of laughter at the Carillions, it is refreshing to be around, before I moved here I thought no one laughed anymore. I also enjoy the casual atmosphere, it has a warm and cozy feeling, I enjoy the informality such as people being called by their first name."

GenCare Granite Falls at The Village

"My mother has been very happy and comfortable here over the past several years. My family really appreciates knowing there is always staff available to assist mom if she needs."
-Dennis, son of Virginia

"Kudos to all the staff there. Without singling out any individuals, I have found everybody to be just great- that includes the caregivers, house keeprs, kitchen staff, maintenance, concierge folks and yourself.
I also wanted to thank you for the tip regarding the cinnamon and the effect it has on blood sugar. Keith's diabetes was totally out of control. Even with all the oral medications he takes, it was not uncommon for his blood sugar reading to exceed 500. His doctor was to the point of putting him back on insulin, problematic as that would be. Since we began introducing cinnamon in his diet, his blood sugar has improved dramatically - generally below 200. Considering that his diet is still far from ideal by his own choosing (he loves sweets), both his doctor and myself are pleased with the improvement and overall control."
Keep up the good work and many thanks!

GenCare Lynnwood at Scriber Gardens

"...a twinkle in her eye, a smile in her voice..."
"That's not the same woman I moved in here. There's a twinkle in her eye, a smile in her voice and a spring in her step that has been missing for a long time. She was just sitting in her rocking chair waiting to join my dad before she moved in here."
-Buz, son of Myrtle

"The staff here really cares..."
"You couldn't have picked a better place. The staff here really cares about their residents."
-Cheryl, Group Health Employee

"It truly is her home."
"I never have to worry about Edith. Everyone knows that she is afraid she will get lost if she ventures out by herself but your staff has been doing a great job encouraging her to go on the group activities. I would be unhappy if all she did was stay home because of her fears. And she has so many friends now. It truly is her home."
-Vonnie, niece of Edith

Gencare Lifestyle at The Ballard Landmark

"...thanks to them, my parents' 65th wedding anniversary celebration was wonderful."
"I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the efforts and abilities of the Ballard Landmark crew in making our big event a success. Your staff and Beverly's staff were superb. And thanks to them, my parents' 65th wedding anniversary celebration was wonderful. You are fortunate to have such good people.

Suzanne and Terrie helped organize everything from the invitations (Suzanne is very good at that!) to the band, the floor, the dancers and the kitchen. Marilyn came in on her day off, and she and Sherrell had mother looking like a million dollars -- and Erika cam to do her makeup as well. Erika had the kitchen working like clockwork, and we were very graciously served by Alice and her assistants. The dessert selection was wonderful. The music was lovely and everyone was dancing, including Ed and Dottie.

I think the whole event was a smash. I cannot thank you enough for letting us have the party there at the Landmark. Ed and Dottie had a grand time and so did my sister and I!

On behalf of the entire family, thank you again for your warm endorsement of our plan for the generous help of the Ballard Landmark crew."

Warm personal regards,

"The smiles and warmth in your eyes are so genuine."

"Heartfelt thanks from [our] family for your kindness and care of Paul! We so appreciate your careful attention to this medications, diet and exercise -- but you also go far beyond that! Thank you jogging his memory, helping him with personal and body care during his "accidents", straightening his room, overseeing his laundry, waking him up at 4 a.m. to catch a plane flight, going with him for a hot dog at the Sunday Farmer's Market, chatting with him, monitoring his candy and dairy intake, making him a special "staff" name tag, and appreciating his dignity, humor and brilliance even as his frontal lobe plays tricks with his memory and judgement.

The smiles and warmth in your eyes are so genuine. You are professionals who add that special touch of human warmth and caring. We are so, so appreciative of all you do and who you are."

With peace, love and thanks
Paul's Family