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Vitality with GenCare Lifestyle

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Our Vitality programs and services are designed to address each aspect of the individual and follow the six wellness dimensions that the International of Active Aging (ICAA) recommends. The GenCare Lifestyle goal is to engage, motivate and promote active living. Our Vitality CentersTN promote strength, mental acuity, flexibility and balance. Signature programs, such as SOLEMOTION (a blended yoga, tai chi and qigong class), are offered along with water fitness programs at select locations and a variety of group fitness classes. Vitality Centers are also equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment from the global industry leader Technogym®. Personal trainers are available to offer friendly guidance and create personalized vitality plans to help residents track and measure their fitness goals.

Physical - Fitness classes, Tour de GenCare (walking club), A Moment for Dance, health and fitness screenings (The Wellness System), aquatics, nutrition, medication management, safety and overall health.
Emotional - Support groups, staff encouragement, socialization, mental health referrals, perspective and humor, stress management.
Spiritual - Pastoral programs, support groups, meditation and relaxation classes, purpose, values, morals, hope, religion, connection with nature.
Intellectual - Stay Sharp Centers, Classes and seminars, memory improvement activities, encouraging lifelong learning, using the mind, creative thinking, expanding horizons.
Social - Classes, events and parties, contests, friends, respect for self and others, interaction with people of all ages.
Vocational - Meaningful activities for each person, volunteerism on campus and in the greater community, helping neighbors, charity events, personal missions and goals, using and learning skills for the job of living.