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 Gluten Free
First in the nation to become Gluten Free Food Service Accredited (GFFS)! Click the logo to read more.
GenCare Lifestyle is proudly serving Ocean Spray juices. Come taste the difference!

Retirement Living Communities by GenCare

GenCare Lifestyle with Grant Goodeve

Life in a GenCare LifestyleTN community promotes a whole new freedom for your retirement years. Just imagine the freedom of no home maintenance, no yard work, no heavy housework and no need to cook dinner every night. Maybe you'd enjoy more time for visiting with friends, attending the theatre or even spoiling your grandchildren. This is a great time to try new things and discover new passions - you can take a whole new approach to life while keeping those things you care about most. Wherever your interests lie, you'll love having GenCare Lifestyle as your home base.

Promoting wellness and supporting your good health is a major focus of GenCare Lifestyle. In fact, we've consulted with some of the top experts in natural health to bring you innovative programs and information to help you live life to the fullest. Each day, our trained culinary staff creates delicious meals made on site from fresh, natural and organic ingredients and served to you personally in the dining room.

Retirement living doesn't get any more relaxing than this!

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