Our Story

A Mission-Driven Path To Whole Life Living™

Our founder and CEO, Leon Grundstein’s path to senior living was far from conventional, as is often the case with the best innovations. Rather as an experienced real estate developer, he found himself with a campus to develop. While considering options, Leon came across senior living and something clicked.

meet Leon Grundstein, Founder & CEO

A passion for health & fitness

As a college athlete and fitness enthusiast, Leon knew personally, the physical and mental benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He also knew that as people age, they still have the same passions and desire to be active and productive as they always have. But the more involved Leon became in the retirement living industry, the more he realized the lifestyle is very different from the vibrant experience he pictured – and that he thought older adults deserved.

Our Mission

Delivering a first-class experience in a harmonious and Whole Life Living™ environment. At GenCare Lifestyle, we continually monitor our efforts toward Whole Life Living™ to define our residents’ good health, happiness, and engagement.The GenCare Lifestyle experience is centered around four facets of wellness – Eat Better, Feel Better, Think Better, and Live Better -
all grounded in a socially connected environment.

Over the past five years, our increased lengths of stay tell us we’re on the right path.

Meet the Team Behind Whole Life Living™ at GenCare

To have an environment that supports health, happiness, and connection, you need a team that embodies that mission, too. And our team truly brings our Whole Life Living™ approach to life each day. They are experienced, professional, caring, and fun! That’s why it’s so easy to feel at home in our warm, welcoming communities. We love what we do and it shows in the smiles of our residents, families, and team members each day.

We set the bar high because our cultured and
discerning residents expect it!

Our forward-thinking mission statement supports our residents with a harmonious environment supporting vitality, health, and wellness, executed by knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Looking for a Chance to make a Difference?

Now is the time. Gain more than a great job in a booming industry - Join a culture that feels like family and see firsthand the difference you make every day in the lives of our residents! if you have a passion for providing great customer service and helping active agers live happy, healthy lives, WE WANT YOU!

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Lifestyle Options Available At GenCare

Start Living Your Best Life today!

You deserve more than a place to call home. Living at a GenCare Lifestyle retirement community, you’ll be a part of so much more. Our holistic approach focuses on your entire well-being, designed around four vital facets that help you live happier, healthier, and more engaged than ever. You’ll find everything you need to live your best life possible. It’s all here waiting for you

Where Do I Start?

Our Residents Say It Best…

"GenCare is wonderful. I am going to suck up every bit of goodness this place has to offer me, every single day."
Resident, GenCare Lifestyle
"Once I got here, I was very impressed by how wonderful GenCare has been."
Resident, GenCare Lifestyle
"Now I have a whole world of people, activities, and fun. I can't ask for anything better."
Resident, GenCare Lifestyle
"It's just a lovely atmosphere, when people are happy, it's a lovely atmosphere."
Resident, GenCare Lifestyle
"I've never known anyone, anywhere that has had the activity list we have here. You could go to something all day, it's wonderful!"
Resident, Point Ruston
"The staff here is faboulous and has made me feel like I am living in a very supported environment."
Resident, Point Ruston
"The food here is not only excellent, its well planned, its fresh, and I don't know how we could be treated any better."
Resident, GenCare Lifestyle
"There is a lot going on here and it's really a fun place to be."
Resident, GenCare Lifestyle

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