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February 13, 2022


7 Benefits of Senior Living Over Staying at Home

For most people, initially, it’s hard to imagine there is any benefit in moving to senior living over staying at home. In fact, nearly 90 percent of people over 65 want to age at home according to AARP. It certainly makes sense because home is where you’ve made a lifetime of memories and where you’re most comfortable. But, dismissing the idea of senior living based on that assumption alone may have you missing out on much more than you realize. Like these benefits that are hard to come by at home.

  1. Maintenance-free living – In senior living you can forget the constant stresses of managing a home and instead enjoy having the maintenance, housekeeping, laundry and cooking taken care of for you in our senior living communities. Imagine the fun you can have with all that free time to enjoy hobbies, learn new things, and experience all kinds of adventures.
  1. Predictability – The stress of managing a home also comes with unexpected expenses like repairs, updates, or even replacement costs which can wreak havoc on your budget. Not to mention the increasing cost of utilities, groceries and other goods used in the home. On the other hand, your expenses are more predictable in senior living with a set monthly fee that often includes utilities.
  1. Convenience – If you’re tired of driving all over town to run errands, hit the gym or get your hair done, you’ll love the convenience of senior living. Most communities have fitness centers and beauty salons onsite and some even provide concierge services. Plus, transportation is also available for those times you need or want to head offsite.
  1. A focus on healthy aging – Quite simply, wellness is key to healthy aging and senior living makes it a priority. Our signature Whole Life LivingTM program is a personalized, holistic approach to wellness, that takes our belief that a healthier life is a happier life, and puts it into action through four facets:
  2. Eat better – Healthy, fresh, and made-from scratch meals including gluten-free, vegetarian and diabetic options.
  3. Move better – Complimentary on-site certified personal trainer and fitness center.
  4. Think better – Stay Sharp lifelong learning programs.
  5. Live better – Regular opportunities to pursue purpose.
  1. Social connection – Opportunities to socialize may be limited at home, particularly if you live alone. But in senior living, friends, neighbors and team members are always nearby. Part of what makes our Whole Life LivingTM program so impactful is that it’s grounded in a socially connected environment down to the design at each community. It’s a way of life that includes regular social events, classes, clubs, seminars and intergenerational activities along with opportunities for creative expression, group outings, volunteering, and more!
  1. Support is always at hand – If and when you need it. For example, all of our communities have 24-hour staffing. However, residents in assisted living also have support with personal care and medication management from a caring team of experienced nurses and caregivers. Memory care has this same level of support as well in addition to our PEAK program specifically designed for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.
  1. Peace of mind – At home you might have to make modifications to improve accessibility or safety. However, in senior living not only can you skip the hassle and expense of this, you’ll feel at ease right away as our communities are already designed with features such as emergency alert pendants and secure entries with keycard access. Communities like ours also have multiple types of living options on the same campus for added peace of mind.

However, there are benefits for families, too. As you begin to need more help at home, often it’s your children and/or other family members who step in. While this is a wonderful, loving gesture, over time it can change the dynamics of the relationship. In senior living, help is always at hand meaning your family will always be able to be in the moment enjoying life with you as your son, daughter, husband, wife, sister, and/or brother instead of being your caregiver.

Our residents and their families say it best. Click here to listen!

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Written exclusively for GenCare Lifestyle

by Holly C.

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