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May 26, 2023


Elevating the Future of Senior Care: Seattle Colleges and GenCare Lifestyle Collaborate to Attract and Retain Top Nursing Talent in the Greater Seattle-Tacoma Area

GenCare Lifestyle is proud to announce its partnership with Seattle Colleges, where it will serve as a clinical rotation site for first quarter nursing students at North Seattle, South Seattle, and Seattle Central Community College’s School of Nursing, commencing in fall 2023. As an exemplary learning institution that transforms lives, promotes equity, and enriches the community, Seattle Colleges shares GenCare’s founder and CEO, Leon Grundstein’s vision of bringing increased awareness to the multitude of career paths available in residential communities, and further emphasizing the viability of long-term careers for future nurses in the Greater Seattle-Tacoma area.

Traditionally, clinical rotations in Assisted Living and Memory Care settings have been very brief or not offered at all, compared to their acute and sub-acute care counterparts. However, modern senior living is rapidly changing, and it is critical to prepare future nurses for the evolving demands of this industry. Many residents today require a wellness approach model that focuses on high quality care coordination, purposeful programming with an emphasis on diet and physical fitness, and wrap-around cognitive behavioral support services. GenCare takes an active approach to promoting wellness through its signature Whole Life Living model, which focuses on four critical components of healthy living: Eating Better, Moving Better, Thinking Better, and Living Better longer.

By 2050 the United States population ages 80 and older will triple and the demand for senior housing and high-quality care professionals has never been greater. At GenCare, we recognize that maintaining the highest level of health of our residents is critical, and our partnership with Seattle Colleges is an opportunity to showcase the dynamic care setting that we offer. Our joint commitment is to design a program where nursing students hone clinical proficiency, spark an intrinsic interest to care for our aging population, and contribute to the reimagining of the delivery of care services. We aim to reduce avoidable and costly hospital admissions by providing early intervention when there is a change of physical and/or functional condition, and through assessments of the pharmacological effects of medications and other treatments routinely prescribed. On-site collaboration with tenured Nurse leaders, Certified Fitness Instructors, and Culinary Experts across the GenCare Lifestyle portfolio will enable students to practice person-centered care planning and evaluate the effectiveness of additional wellness support modifications.

In conclusion, our partnership with Seattle Colleges is one of the many initiatives that GenCare Lifestyle is taking to elevate visibility of the dynamic senior living industry and attract future nurses to Assisted Living and Memory Care communities as their preferred career path. We remain committed to fulfilling our promise to residents and educate the clinical community on our unique value proposition that high quality, early intervention, can in turn, reduce unnecessary healthcare-related costs across the healthcare continuum. 

This partnership is a win-win situation for both Seattle Colleges and GenCare Lifestyle. The nursing students will get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a unique care setting, preparing them for a successful career in senior care. Meanwhile, GenCare benefits from the added support and expertise of these trained professionals, further improving the quality of care provided to its residents.

This collaboration serves as a model for how senior living communities can attract and retain top-tier talent by offering practical and impactful clinical experience. By cultivating the next generation of nurses in senior care, we can together ensure that our loved ones receive the best possible care and support both now and in the future. GenCare Lifestyle is excited about the promise of this partnership and looks forward to what the future holds for our growing community.

To learn more about GenCare Lifestyle, the senior living industry and the partnership with Seattle Colleges, contact us today!

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