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February 17, 2022


Fitness is important at any age, perhaps even more so the older we get. But not just for the physical benefits. In fact, healthy living is happy living. We’re naturally more energetic when we feel better and strive to make the most of life.

The Facts on Senior Fitness

Why is fitness so important as we age? Our senior years are often a time when we let ourselves slow down. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless it leads to a sedentary lifestyle, defined as having little to no physical activity and/or primarily engaging in activities where we sit or lie down, such as reading or watching TV. Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles are so common for seniors that it’s known as “the sitting disease,” with 67 percent of adults ages 60 and older sedentary for at least 8.5 hours a day, according to the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. As such, a lack of senior fitness can put us more at risk for several conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, Type 2 diabetes, and even cognitive decline. Plus, bone loss may progress faster, there’s an increased risk for falls, and we may have more trouble performing daily activities due to loss of muscle tissue. Beyond the physical, we’re also more at risk of depression and anxiety. Here’s how GenCare Lifestyle makes senior fitness easier, more fun, and effective so we become healthier and happier!

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GenCare Lifestyle Makes It Easier

For seniors, often it’s not a lack of desire to stay fit; rather, it’s just more difficult at home due to fewer opportunities, transportation challenges, mobility and/or health issues, or simply not knowing the best way to go about it. You don’t have to worry about any of that at GenCare 55 plus apts. Helping you be more active and healthier is the goal of Vitality, one of the four facets of Whole Life LivingTM, our personalized, holistic approach to wellness. What’s more, senior fitness is also more fun in a community of friends ready to cheer you on. Every community has certified, degreed, and experienced personal trainers with expertise in senior fitness—they’re friendly and ready to create special fitness programs just for you!

Our signature Vitality and fitness programs are all available onsite and included in your monthly rental fee:

Annual Community Competitions

Several friendly and fun senior living community vs. community competitions like our Holiday Cornhole Tournament, GenCare Winter Games, and our Walk and Roll events to build camaraderie and morale throughout the year.

Compete with Me

A quarterly program where residents and GenCare staff pair up in teams that compete to win prizes in games like Cornhole, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, Pickleball, Choreographed Dances, and more!

Senior Fitness Classes

A range of fitness classes designed to improve balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, and mood.

Senior Fitness Incentive Programs

To provide exercise motivation, GenCare offers monthly incentive programs that are themed, educational, and fun for residents!


An 8-week evidence-based fall reduction exercise program that’s offered throughout the year, emphasizing resident improvements over time through individualized pre-and post-program balance assessments.


An 8-week evidence-based cardiovascular exercise program offered throughout the year designed to improve mood, cognitive function, heart health, and overall energy/ pre-and post-program assessments determine individualized improvements over time.


So far, though, research has suggested that music can release endorphins that manage pain and lower stress. In addition, by targeting the autonomic nervous system, music can calm the mind and boost happiness.

Personal Training

Complimentary 30-minute one-on-one exercise session with degreed and nationally certified personal trainers who specialize in senior fitness exercise, motivation, and exercise education. Trainers assess residents and create individualized programs to boost confidence, independence, motivation, and health benefits.

Partner Personal Training

Complimentary 30-minute partner exercise sessions with a trainer and a friend! Sessions will be with a degreed and nationally certified personal trainer specializing in senior fitness, exercise motivation and exercise education. Trainers assess both residents and create fun and social exercise programs.

GenCare’s Train the Trainer Days

A fun program where residents can use the knowledge and skills they’ve learned from the community fitness programs to train the personal trainers!

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For more information on how you can live a healthier, happier senior lifestyle at GenCare, schedule a tour today.

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By Holly C. and GenCare Corporate Director of Vitality, Candace Snapp

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