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January 25, 2021


The innovative testing procedures at our Point Ruston community and our five other communities have become so fast and efficient; they are attracting attention from our local news publications.

“The goal of the rapid testing, said Leon Grunstein, GenCare CEO, is to create a safe space for seniors and return normality and socializing to their lives as quickly as possible.” GenCare also plans to test visitors when they are allowed back into the communities. Under that process, visitors will wait in the community’s dedicated testing apartment until they receive a negative test result.

GenCare will offer staff the rapid tests on a staggered schedule that tests one-third of its employees every two days. And GenCare will test residents for Covid-19 under the program at least once a week.

Leon Grundstein also believes that robust testing is necessary until there is more information available on the vaccine. But he also believes that the company’s testing program will be useful even after the pandemic winds down, as the industry will always grapple with smaller seasonal epidemics like influenza.

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