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February 9, 2023


When did you start exercising with your personal trainer, Abbey?

September 2022

How often do you exercise?

I attend at least 1 group class daily, and my goal is to work up to 2 classes regularly. On the weekend, I use the bike and the treadmill in the gym.

What is your biggest health-related accomplishment since joining GenCare’s fitness program?

Two years ago, I had a significant brain injury from falling down a two-story flight of concrete stairs. I was taking a blood thinner, which caused severe brain swelling. I went from being unable to walk or talk to using a cane and finally being able to voice my thoughts.

As I was looking for a new home, I decided to choose Gencare to commit to continuing my recovery and being the best version of myself. As a result of my accident, I no longer have depth perception or peripheral vision, which makes balancing and navigating my day challenging. I was scared and nervous to attend the balance class, but after trying it out for several months, I now have the confidence to try new things or things that otherwise would make me uncomfortable. With Abbey’s guidance, I have the confidence to attend more advanced classes and feel comfortable starting at my ability level, with encouragement to improve. The fitness classes are a place that can accommodate all abilities, led with encouragement to improve and challenge yourself to become a better you.

Each day I start with a full saltshaker and am full of energy; by the end of the day, my shaker is empty, and I feel tired. After exercising, I can cognitively process information more easily, allowing me to interact with the wonderful people at GenCare, which makes feeling tired well worth it! Exercising has improved my attention and concentration to help me focus better, and I feel like I am regaining my vitality. I continue to work on my movement and cognitive processing daily, and I recognize that I may not return to who I was before my accident. However, through exercise and physical activity, I am happy to be building a new Linda, version 2.0.

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