Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities

Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities

You or your loved one have decided to move to assisted living, but how do you choose the right community? Honestly, that can seem just as overwhelming as whether or not to move at all. What should you be looking for? How many communities should you visit? How do you compare communities? We can help you make the process easier with tips on what to look for when touring assisted living communities.

Before You Tour

Assisted living communities today offer a wide range of services and amenities which is likely one of the reasons you choose to move. But when comparing communities, all the options can begin to run together. That’s why taking a step back is important before you start touring assisted living communities. This involves prioritizing your wants and needs to determine what’s most important to you or your loved one before stepping foot on an assisted living campus. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Your current needs, like whether or not you or your loved one need help with personal care, managing health conditions,housekeeping, home maintenance, and meals, and/or would like a more social, active lifestyle, for example.
  • Must-haves like a community that’s pet-friendly offer gluten-free menu options, or has private 2-bedroom apartments, and most definitely, one that’s within your budget.
  • Preferences like a particular location, a community with plenty of outdoor space, or some utilities included in the monthly rent, for example.
  • Nice-to-haves such as concierge services, a 24-hour fitness center, a hair salon, an indoor pool, or weekly outings.

Touring Assisted Living Communities

Now that you’ve set your priorities, you won’t waste time touring assisted living communities that aren’t a fit and should be able to narrow your search down to two or three that are top contenders. To more easily compare, make sure to use the same criteria when touring assisted living communities. We suggest the following:  

Accommodations and Campus

  • What accommodations are available?What are the differences in cost for each?
  • Can you tour the different types ofspaces available?
  • Can residents personalize their space?
  • Is the assisted living community wellmaintained?
  • How do you feel about the appearance,comfort, and cleanliness of the apartments and dining, common, and outdoorareas?

Lifestyle and Wellness

  • Does the menu have a variety ofnutritious and appealing offerings? Can you sample the food?
  • Do they accommodate special dietaryrestrictions or requests like vegetarian, diabetic, or gluten-free options?
  • What programs (exercise, wellness,enrichment, social, and other activities) are offered?
  • How often do residents leave the assistedliving community for outside activities?
  • How often are housekeeping and laundryservices provided?
  • Are enough amenities and socialopportunities available for you or your loved one?
  • How often can friends and familyvisit? Are there common and private spaces to gather with them?
  • Is the assisted living community pet-friendly?

Staff and Care

  • What level of daily assistance canresidents expect?
  • What qualifications are required forthe assisted living staff?
  • Are staff members offered additionaland/or continuous training opportunities?
  • What is the staff-to-resident ratioduring the day and at night?
  • How do staff members interact withresidents and you? Do they seem friendly and compassionate?
  • Does the assisted living communityaccommodate special needs, such as diabetic care?

Safety and Security

  • How does the community handle medicalemergencies?
  • How is the assisted living communitysecured?
  • What safety features are available?
  • Is transportation offered?


  • What are the monthly costs for housingand care?
  • What services are included in thosecosts?

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