Kimberly Peil

Corporate Human Resources Director

  • I have only been in the Senior Housing industry for just over 13 years; however, my prior experience has always revolved around payroll, finance and HR and making sure employees are taken care of so they can focus on their jobs and caring for their families.

  • In my spare time I am an avid Fair goer. I love to stroll thru all the different crafts and exhibits at large and small fairs all over, and often get lost exploring the different cultures on display at the fair. I think it is a fun way to learn about people, their history, our differences and what influences them.

  • After having fully raised three children, my husband and I now find ourselves spending our senior years raising two young granddaughters. It has brought us great joy and it has taught us that being flexible, active and eating well is always very important in our daily lives especially when trying to keep up with a five- and seven-year-old!

  • I am a people person; I love being around and helping people, especially our seniors. If we are open to the experience, they have so much to teach us about culture, history, and family values. I love that everyday can be so different but there is always something to learn.

  • You don’t meet people by accident, there is always a reason, a lesson, or a blessing. Each day we need to strive to make at least one person feel valued, heard, and supported, to be their blessing.

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