Shaye Straw

Corporate Operations Director

  • I have nearly 30 years’ experience in healthcare, which includes over 15 years working as a director of social services and case manager addressing the psychosocial needs of older adults. As a seasoned small business owner and executive leader within the senior housing industry, I have a passion for operations and service to others.

  • I love music and have played in several bands throughout the years. Some of my youthful accomplishments as a musician include a feature on the cover of a national music magazine and being aired on music stations in cities throughout the United States and internationally.

  • I’m a firm believer in active lifelong learning; I’m often reading 2 or 3 books concurrently to stay sharp and continue my personal growth. I also make daily time for exercise, which includes long early morning walks- watching the sunrise is nourishing to the soul!

  • I believe a life well lived revolves around service to others. Helping our residents and our employees to live their best life and achieve their goals gives me purpose every day.

  • Culture is everything! When we serve others, we are at our best. When we are at our best, we do our best. When we do our best, good things happen.

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